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We can carry out either waiting or booked appointments. We always try to fit in with a time that is convenient for you. We are very used to classic vehicles and ensure total care of your beloved possession. We are able to offer a complete service from testing to repair, if required. We will strive to be as quick and efficient as possible so you won't be without your vehicle for longer than necessary.

We can take care of your class 4 petrol and diesel test requirements

A thorough test of the vehicle is carried out with items such as lights, tyres, emissions; corrosion, brakes, steering and suspension being inspected. We will give advice on whether any repairs are nearing attention as well as anticipated repair dates/mileages.


Below is a breakdown of what we test:

What is tested during the MOT?

Should repairs be required, we will try to make a loan car available for your use. We can provide either manual or automatic transmission.


Please note - Courtesy cars are subject to booking or availability.

Still need a car?

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• All driving controls (steering, footbrake, handbrake)

• Exterior (suspension, tyres & wheels, shock absorbers)

• Lights (all lamps on the car will be checked)

• Brake performance

• Emissions (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, lambda, visible smoke coming from car exhaust)

• Engine checks

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